Who is Zovanti

Zovanti is first and foremost a collection of financial services minds focused on providing solutions to financial services firms. The founders of Zovanti have a history of creating solutions that create efficiency and focus on growing financial services firms.

The founders have been working together for over 20 years. We have owned financial planning firms, financial planners, paraplanners, Responsible Managers, Compliance Managers and we started in administration roles. We have built efficiency solutions for hundreds of financial planning firms & AFSLs, from small 1 man bands to bank planning divisions.

We can remember the days of Visiplan and Customer Service Records. So we have seen it all and lived through all the legislative changes, the GFC and Royal Commission.

If our solution can’t do something you want. We’ll tell you.

Our Values

We believe in the following:

  • Systems should support people.
  • Focusing on the 1%. Change is hard, improvement is hard. We focus on 1% change, 1% improvement, 1% of profits go to charity.
  • Transparency and telling clients if something can’t be done.
  • Fully testing solutions before releasing them.
  • Exceptional people can be managed by exception.

We understand:

  • We will learn something new every day.
  • We understand financial services is an industry based on trust not dollars, not bright and shiny tools.
  • Trust is built with a person.

We aim to give financial services professionals the tools to support achieving your client’s goals.

Why we do what we do

The development of Zovanti has been an evolution. The founders sat down and said, if we were to go and set up a new financial services business today, how would we want to do it? 

That blank sheet of paper got filled with numerous ideas. Some of which have been developed. Some of which are on the development roadmap and some are in the bin.

We look for the best solution to perform the role or task that needs to be done. We’ll work with any solution provider, we are not putting limitations on helping firms achieve their goals. 

We believe finance industry professionals provide quality solutions to Australians, which in turn improves the lives of their clients. For too long the focus in the industry has been on the rearview mirror and not the client.

We aim to give financial services professionals the tools to support achieving your client’s goals.